German Longhaired Pointer

Konan vd Hafkesdell (Imp Deu)
konan5-3Imported as a foundation stud dog in 1999 he set the standard for the all round GLP in the UK. He gained Best Import (All Breeds) in 2002 in the ring, 8 field trial awards, 10 Working Test Opens and graded Excellent at Spring Pointing Tests
There are no UK KC Show Titles on offer and remains on the Rare Breed Registry

Bella vd Holzheide (Imp Deu)
bellaA foundation brood bitch Bella won Best of Breeds in the ring and field trial awards.When mated to Konan her progeny produced

Arany's Buchse
buchse-bob-250-x-219who became the first GLP Best of Breed at Cruft's in 2007, he also won field trial awards.
Also Irish Sh Ch/Slovac Ch Arany's Daja and Dargo mit Bleyos 

Arany's Baiser  
baiser-bob-250-x-375Cruft's Best of Breed,Top Longhair,Top Brood Bitch,Field Trial awards and Spring Pointing Excellents.

Arthur v Munsterschlag (Imp Deu)
fullsizeoutput_ee5Imported as a second foundation stud dog Arthur gained both Field Trial awards, Best of Breeds and Spring Pointing Gradings. He was featured in an article in The Shooting Gazette when Janet Menzies attended a spring pointing test.His flair and pointing prowess impressed her.Mated to Baiser they produce

Ir Sh Ch Arany's Falco
2013_glp_bobwho also has Field Trial awards and
Finnish Champion Arany's Faust
Ir Sh Ch's Arany's Etta and Flax mit Sarscottah 

Nancy v Auwelt (Imp Deu)
2015_glp_bobImported as a further brood bitch Nancy won Best of Breeds and field trial awards.She became the first UK Rare Breed to be shortlisted in a Crufts Gundog Group and was also placed in Groups at Championship level.When mated to Vasko vd Hafkesdell in Germany she produced
Deu Champion VDH Arany's Gus

Arany's Greta
2016_glp_boba further Cruft's Best of Breed.

Jessy v Reitbach (Imp Deu)
fullsizeoutput_eeaOriginally imported for an owner in Ireland we couldn't let her go.This was a wise decision as her prowess in the shooting field is outstanding.She gained her stud book number through field trials on partridge


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