Epagneul De Pont Audemer


The breed originated in Pont Audemer,Normandy in the mid 1800's from a cross between the Picardy Spaniel and Water Spaniels with a further infusion of Irish Water Spaniel in the 1970's.

It developed an excellent reputation for working in marshland as a fowling dog and also as a forest hunter. Its enthusiasm in water in the coldest weather and its tremendous energy and hardiness, it is also full of curiosity and driven on by its love of hunting even in the thickest of cover.

It was called 'The Clown Of The Marshes'due its quirky appearance and lovable character. Sadly its popularity has decreased over time to the point it is now extremely vulnerable and there are only 3 or 4 kennels in France producing on average of a single litter a year.

A stocky dog standing between 52 and 58 cm with a distinctive quite narrow face and a top knot of long curly hair which joins the long curly ears to create a wig reminiscent of those worn by the Cavaliers.

In colour the coat is a rich brown or brown and grey (white).

Their name is often referred to as "The Ponto"
In 2013 the first two Ponto's arrived in the UK and in late 2015 we imported Laura Des Coteaux De Yannijean
and 2 years later Nutella Des Cotreaux De Yannijean

The Epagneul De Pont Audemer UK

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