Epagneul De Pont Audemer


 The breed originated in Pont Audemer,Normandy in the mid 1800’s and developed an excellent reputation for working in marshland as a water fowling dog and also as a forest hunter. Sadly its popularity has decreased over time to the point it is now extremely vulnerable and there are only 3 or 4 kennels in France producing on average a single litter a year.


A stocky dog standing between 52 and 58 cm with a distinctive quite narrow face and a top knot of long curly hair which joins the long curly ears to create a wig reminiscent of those worn by the cavaliers. In colour the coat is a rich brown or brown and grey (white).
The nick name of the breed is "Clown Of The Marshes" and those who come into contact with them rarely fail to smile at their antics.

In 2013 the first two Ponto's arrived in the UK and in late 2015 we imported 
Laura Des Coteaux De Yannijean
French Ch Ika Des Coteaux De Yannijean ex
French Ch Fifi Des Coteaux De Yannijean

This little pocket rocket performs as well as the more established HPR breeds in the UK. A natural hunter especially on partridge Laura retrieves from land and water. Laura scored the highest hunting score in Novice at the HWVA Working Test but can only compete as "Not For Competition"

In France Laura was exceptional on Reeves Pheasant and was described as an exceptional hunting dog by the Head of the local Hunting Association

Winner of The Field Magazine Most Outstanding Retrieve by a Rare Breed 2017/18 Season

In March 2018 we imported 
        Nutella Des Coteaux De Yannijean 

who gained an honorary 3rd Prize in a UK Puppy Working Test. This handsome boy will continue our promotion of this breed in the field and in the ring.



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