Braque Du Bourbonnais


The Braque Du Bourbonnais is a French HPR with the first litter being bred in the UK by falconer Mark Pauline in 2017

Originally bred in the Bourbonnais region it is believed to be founded from the  Spanish Pointing Dog and early engravings depict a sturdy, stocky  spotted dog with a rudimentary tail.

By the late 19th C the breed had gained a reputation as an elegant but workmanlike dog with an affable disposition, intelligence and easily adaptable for all type of hunting especially as  a specialist in forest and swamp land. The coat was brown or fawn speckles on white and carried a recessive gene which produced no tail (anury) or a short stump. 
Cob like in appearance it became popular for hunting woodcock and snipe .

After the Second WW the breed became almost extinct but in the 70's enthusiastic breeders revived the Bourbonnais and it is now regarded as an  exceptional rough shooting  companion, field trialler and an elegant competitor in the show ring.

Introducing Dash 
     ( Hugo De La Lande De Bouberouge ex 
           Jenna De La Benigousse )
 both owned by UK falconer Mark Pauline ) 
Born in January 2017 this young lady is our new addition to the shooting field.
An exceptional natural quarterer she works all winds instinctively in a moderate to fast pace. Dash is a enthusiastic retriever with the softest of mouths. She gained 92 out of a 100 in a KC Puppy Working Test but can only compete as Not For Competition.

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