Braque Du Bourbonnais

The Braque du Bourbonnais hails from the Bourbon region of central France. The breed is a strong cobby type dog, used for rough shooting by its masters. Some dogs are bred naturally tailless, with a white background to their coat, with heavy or light ticking.
Having never been a common breed, the Braque du Bourbonannais almost died out after the Second World War. In 1970, a group of dedicated French breeders, led by Michael Comte, formed the Braque du Bourbonnais Club. The standard for the breed was drafted and is now firmly established in its native France. The breed is gaining popularity across Europe and North America as an all-purpose gundog. The Braque du Bourbonannais is known for its intelligence, train ability and loyalty. The Braque du Bourbonannais is a versatile working dog, with the stamina to work all day in the field, and a lovable companion.
Today the Bourbonnais has a loyal following in France, Europe and North America. The breed is a natural hunter, used to hunt, point and retrieve, which makes him ideal for rough shooting. The Bourbonnais is a medium sized dog, with a smooth and tight coat; its coat is therefore easily maintained. The coat colours are fawn and liver, lightly or heavily ticked, with head markings.
The Bourbonnais is a very affectionate and loyal; intelligent and a devoted companion, therefore the breed will fit well with family life. The Bourbonnais do not do well in long periods of isolation, and require regular exercise to keep them fit and healthy. The Bourbonnais are easily trained and respond well to firm and close training, forming a close bond with its owner.
The Bourbannais has no specific health issues.

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